GPS Mount

GPS Mount


MotoPumps GPS Mount is here. Strong, light weight, all weather, AMPs pattern so it fits all standard GPS cradles on the market.

We developed this mount after being frustrated with the heavy, fragile, overly large, complex and expensive offerings. Machined from DuPont Delrin, the mount is strong, stable, light and 100% weather/corrosion resistant. We make them right here in Beautiful Upstate NY.

Hardware, specs and instructions included. Hardware is stainless steel and compatible with motorcycle cradles from Garmin for the Zumo series and others using the standard AMPs pattern.

Your kit consists of a 3 piece machined Delrin mounting plate, stainless steel hardware, 3mm allen wrench and instruction sheet.  Please read this sheet thoroughly before mounting your device.

 Tighten hardware snug enough to hold, no more.  Tight enough to keep your device from moving or rotating on the vehicle cross bar, but not arm tight, not wrist tight, but hand tight.  The stainless and Delrin work together to hold snug without vibrating loose. 

Hardware List: 

(1) Machined base plate with standard AMPs pattern and 3 position Cross Bar Mount (The AMPs hole pattern is an industry standard hole configuration. It consists of four (4) holes located in a rectangular pattern spaced at 1.181" by 1.496" (30mm by 38mm). In most cases the AMPS pattern consists of 8 holes, but is sometimes 4 or 2. This allows the mount to be fitted in both a horizontal or vertical orientation. Most third party mounting devices and cradles have the AMPs hole pattern)

(2, 3) 12mm or ½” cross bar clamps  

(4,5) Six M4 x .7 x 25mm A2 Stainless Steel Socket Cap Screws  (2 hold the cross bar clamps to the base plate, 4 mount your device or GPS cradle, RAM mount or other hardware to the base plate)

 4 stainless Steel Washers

 1 M3 Hex / Allen wrench for the included socket cap screws.

Note: GPS Cradle not included. The pictured GPS cradle is for a Garmin Zumo 550 and came with the unit when purchased new.

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