Motopumps Reviews

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“Some people say the best products come as solutions to a problem. While flat tires are nothing new, nor are “travel size” inflator pumps, I recently had the opportunity to test out a new 12-volt tire inflator from MotoPumps and was quite impressed. ”

Seth Fargher


“Ride for enough years, and you’ll experience some of the immutable truths about motorcycling: Leathers get smaller when hanging in a closet, our past racing ability improves the further we get from actual racing, and tire pressure drops when your bike isn’t ridden daily. While I can’t do anything about the first issue (except recommend diet and exercise changes) and I don’t want to change the second, as I’m enjoying my ever-expanding track exploits, tire pressure is an issue neglected by far too many riders.”

Evans Bradsfield



“In preparation for a nine day road trip, I decided to search for an emergency air source in case I get a flat tire and need to plug it in the middle of nowhere. Searching various sites, I discovered there are many different pumps from super cheap to very expensive. While reading threads, one pump stood out to me. The MotoPump MiniPro Inflator had some nice features, had good reviews and was kinda cool looking. What really persuaded me to order it was reading the posts from Rob, the owner of MotoPump. He seemed very responsive, stands behind his product, exhibited outstanding customer service....... and he rides too!”




When testing the Mini Pro, I was impressed by its well thought-out packaging. When conducting the inflation test, the compressor fi lled the test tire with a low-frequency hum that never waivered as the pressure climbed. Vibration was minimal.


American Iron Mag

The Mini Pro’s 3' coiled air hose combined with the power cord gives you about 9-1/2' from the power connector to the valve stem. This is a generous amount of reach for filling your buddies’ bikes without having to unplug the Mini Pro from your bike.


Rider - GearLab

Quick, light, rugged and convenient, the Mini Pro is an essential piece of kit for a traveling motorcyclist.