Dynaplug Tubeless Tire Repair Tools

Dynaplug Tubeless Tire Repair Tools

from 9.99

Dynaplug Kits & Refills

  • Dynaplug® repairs any tubeless tire

  • Easy repair without removing the tire from vehicle

  • Proprietary plug fuses to tire for permanent repair

  • Works with Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Motorcycles
    Scooters, Tractors, RVs and more...

Refill packs contain 5 plugs. Plugs remain viable for many years when properly stored

Which Dynaplug to choose? All are made in the USA and have a limited life-time warranty.

The ultralite models come in either polymer, more specifically glass reinforced injection molded nylon, or billet aluminum. Both with stainless insertion tubes and come with 3-4 tire plugs They are small, light, the extras store inside the handle and will get the job done with minimal fuss. They range from $21.99 to $39.99

The Pro models are made of Aluminum or Stainless Steel and include additional plugs and tools. Specifically, they have 8 plugs, 3 insertion tubes, a tire clearing tool and an air stopper. The tools store inside the handle of the Pro model Dynaplugs. They are $59.99 for the Aluminum model and $69.99 for the stainless model.

The Xtreme models are made of Aluminum or Stainless Steel, and are essentially the same as the Pro models, with the exception of a large, flat handle cap. This allows a better grip for the user, and if you are doing a lot of plugging in a shop, makes it easier to insert the plug in a tough tire. The Xtreme Aluminum is $69.99 and the Xtreme Stainless is $79.99.

Plug refill packs contain 5 plugs and are $9.99 each. We also have special tips with “Bullet” shaped tips for those using the TUbliss system on dirt bikes that eliminates the possibility of damaging the high-pressure bladder. Those Bullet refills are $14.99 for a 5 pack.

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Plugging a puncture in the front tire of my KTM 1290 Super Adventure. Riding down in East Tennessee and must have run over a nail. See how simple it is to plug a tubeless tire with the Dynaplug system. Plug and air up with your MotoPump and you are back on the road.