Mini Pro Deluxe

Mini Pro Deluxe

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The MotoPumps Mini Pro Deluxe Inflator combines features and certifications not found in any other inflator on the market. Powered by your bike’s 12v system and drawing less than 5A (BMW CAN bus compatible), it is ready any time you are. The pump will inflate a flat motorcycle tire in approximately 5 minutes or air up a low tire in seconds. The LED work-light and backlit, accurate, pressure gauge make night-time use a snap.  Every MotoPump is backed by our Five Year Limited Warranty. 

The MotoPumps Mini Pro Deluxe Kit combines all the function and features demanded by avid moto tourists.  The pump is heavy duty, but not heavy at 18 oz.  It includes all necessary connectors, SAE, Combo Cig / BMW plug, Battery Clips, Battery Terminal Rings, 10’ power cord, 3.5’ coiled air hose with a zero loss connector for easy, convenient use. Everything stores in included heavy-duty neoprene case.  Get one today and be adventure ready!  

The MotoPumps Mini Pro Deluxe Kit includes a heavy duty, zippered neoprene case and extra connectors - Battery Clips to SAE plug and Battery Ring Terminals to SAE to be installed on the bike. The two prong SAE plug is the same as found on the Deltran Battery Tender series of chargers, and has already been installed on the bike by many dealers and riders. Just plug into that or install ours.

Packages include a MotoPumps Mini Pro Deluxe and the Dynaplug Tubeless Tire Plugging Tool of your choice.

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