Q: Why choose a MotoPump over an inflator you can find in Walmart or your local auto parts store?

A: The MotoPump line is made to be the smallest, lightest, best performing 12v inflator on the market. They have features not found in any other inflators on the market. Zero loss Schrader valve connectors, LED work lights, durable, coiled air hoses, on-board pressure monitoring, back-lit pressure gauge on the Mini Pro, Cig/BMW style convertible connectors, battery clips, SAE connectors on main power cords and battery ring terminal to SAE plugs included as well. MotoPumps are designed by a rider, for riders, and they also work on your larger vehicles.

Q: Which MotoPump is for me, the Air Shot or the Mini Pro?

A: That depends on your needs, and your ride. The Air Shot is smaller, packs lighter and has a max pressure over 100 PSI for use with the Neutech TUbliss tire conversion kits. The Mini Pro has more convenience features and longer power cords and air hose, which makes it better suited to use with motorcycles and cars and trucks. Both inflators have similar performance inflating to 50 PSI.

Q: How long will it take a MotoPump to inflate my tire?

A: That depends on your tire size and pressure needed. The MotoPump will inflate an average motorcycle tire to 36 PSI in under 5 minutes. They will inflate an average car tire to 34 PSI in less than 10 minutes. They will air up a low tire in a matter of a minute or less.

Q: What is the maximum run time for a MotoPump before it needs to be shut off to cool down?

A: There is no maximum run time for either the Air Shot or the Mini Pro. Both have all metal gears, high efficiency motors, fans on the motor shaft to cool the motor and compressor assembly and Teflon coated piston rings. All these features combine to limit friction and heat build up so we have no issues with overheating no matter how hard you are running your MotoPump.

Q: What is the warranty for the MotoPump?

A: Both the Mini Pro and Air Shot have a 5 year, no BS warranty. Unless you have modified the pump or obviously abused and misused it, we will repair or replace any MotoPump that fails within 5 years of your date of purchase.

Q: Does my vehicle have to be running to while I am using the MotoPump?

A: No, unless your battery is nearly dead, you don’t need to have the vehicle running while you are using the MotoPump to inflate your tires. Both pumps draw less than 5 amps under load and will run for two hours before a 10 amp hour battery is completely depleted. With an average inflation time of about 5 minutes, this is not an issue. If you do choose to have your vehicle running during inflation, the pump will run a bit faster due to the higher voltage at your battery, so your inflation time will be reduced.

Q: Will the MotoPump work with my car, truck, SUV, garden tractor, etc.?

A: Yes, either MotoPump will work with vehicles other than a motorcycle. Inflation time varies by tire size, volume and pressure requirements. There is no run-time limit for the MotoPump. The Mini Pro is more suited to larger vehicles that need 50 PSI or less as it has a longer power cord and air hose.

Q: How much power does the MotoPump draw?

A: Both the Mini Pro and Air Shot draw less than 5 amps at 50 PSI. Max pressure for the Mini Pro is 50 psi, Air Shot is 100 psi.

Q: What is the difference between the MotoPumps Mini Pro Standard and Deluxe Kits?

A: The Mini Pro Standard includes the inflator, Cig/BMW style plug, SAE main power cord. The Deluxe Kit adds a neoprene zippered carry case, Battery Clips and Battery Ring Terminals to SAE cable to install on the battery.

Q: Will the MotoPump work on my CAN BUS controlled power outlet?

A: Probably. While we have seen a few bikes where the CAN BUS controlled power outlet would not provide enough power, most are set to allow up to 5 amps draw at 12 volts. No worries, we include many connector options to allow you to power your MotoPump regardless of the mood of your CAN BUS controller.

Q: What connectors are included with the MotoPumps Air Shot inflator kit?

A: The Air Shot comes with a main SAE power cord, a CIG/BMW style cable, battery clips and battery ring terminals to SAE cord.

Q: What is that second Schrader valve on the Air Shot with the red cap?

A: That is an innovative feature to allow you to monitor your inflation progress without having to remove the inflator from the valve stem. We include a stainless steel bodied pencil type gauge for your convenience. Of course, you can also use your favorite pressure gauge. Pressure readings can be taken while the pump is running.

Q: Will the MotoPump seat the tire bead on a flat tire?

A: That depends. If the tire is holding air and it is just a matter of pressure, yes, most likely it will. If the tire is cold, deformed and not seated on the side of the bead, no 12 volt inflator can make enough volume to seat the bead. I have had excellent success seating the bead of motorcycle tires using a bit of “windex” visor cleaner. The liquid helps the bead seal, slide and dries without any slippery residue. I always have a little spray bottle in my kit to clean my visor, glasses or goggles.

Q: Will the MotoPump zero loss valve stem connector fit the Presta valve on my bicycle?

A: No, Schrader and Presta are different sizes. We do stock a small number of Schrader to Presta conversion fittings. Let us know if you need one.

Q: Does the MotoPump shut off when it reaches a pre-set pressure?

A: No. Both MotoPumps models require the operator to turn the unit on and off when the desired pressure is reached.

Q: Is there any maintenance required with the MotoPump?

A: No. Both the Air Shot and Mini Pro are maintenance free. Just keep them in their cases when not in use, clean and dry and they will provide years of trouble free service. If you MotoPump becomes wet or dusty, blow it out with compressed air, let it dry and use as normal. If you would like us to examine or service your MotoPump, return it to us and we will take care of you.

Q: What gauge is the wire in the MotoPumps accessory connectors?

A: 18 Gauge wire is used in our connectors. It will support more than 20 amps at 12 volts, leaving you plenty of head room.



Q: I plugged in my MotoPumps Mini Pro and it is dead, no lights, won’t run. Toggling the power switch does nothing.

A: Pull ALL of the cables out of the back of the cord storage compartment. Let me repeat that. Pull ALL of the cables out of the back of the MotoPump. There is both a main power cable and the Cig/BMW style plug terminated in an SAE connector. You were plugged into the SAE end of the Cig/BMW extension, not the MotoPump.

Q: I plugged my MotoPump into the existing Battery Tender Tail that was installed on my vehicle. The MotoPump ran for a moment, then stopped. Now it won’t run at all.

A: Check the fuse on the existing Battery Tender Tail. Some Battery Tender cables were supplied with a 2.5 amp fuse from the Deltran factory. The MotoPump draws about 5 amps and most likely blew that fuse. Upgrade that fuse to a 10-20 amp fuse and you will be back in business.

Q: My MotoPump still won’t run. No lights, nothing.

A: Try the MotoPump in another power source. Another vehicle’s cig lighter receptacle, use the battery clips to go directly to the battery terminals.

Q: I plugged in my MotoPumps Mini Pro and the red polarity indicator lit up and the pump won’t run.

A: The polarity of your power source is reversed. The Mini Pro has polarity protection so the pump’s electronics won’t be damaged by a reverse polarity power source.

Q: I don’t see my problem addressed here.

A: Send an email to sales@motopumps.com or use the contact form and describe your issue in as mush detail as possible.